Need help maximizing your banner click-through ratio? Here are some tips on choosing good banners.

  • Large banners are clicked more
    The larger the banner, the easier it is to catch your surfer's attention and the more click-throughs you will get. We have personally seen some skyscraper (120x600) banners that pull consistent CTR in the teens day after day.
  • Animate
    Animated banners almost always get higher CTR than non-animated banners simply because they catch the surfer's attention better.
  • Rotate banners often
    If you are not using banner rotation software, try changing banners regularly since surfers who see the same banners over and over are less likely to click.
  • Call to action
    Banners that have words that have "Click Here" can improve response rates. If you are able to add text below the banner describing the site or banner, do it since after a while some surfers become accustomed to seeing regular 468x60 banners and ignore them.
  • Test
    Run different banners and see which ones are more appealing to your traffic and demographics. Do you have more female visitors to male visitors? Displaying a banner that has a picture of a hunk might attract more attention.

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